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Why order a PRE-CLOSING Inspection?

Did you know that the workers that built your new home were not likely hired by the builder or superintendent that's over seeing your construction? In most cases, they were subcontractors that were hired by the builders purchasing agent, sight unseen.

In this industry, the adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is ever so true.

Why order a Pre- Closing Inspection? Afterall, it's a new home. Right? Yes, it's new but it did not come off the assembly line. Many different trades were involved with many different opinions of what qualifies as being built within acceptable industry standards. Cosmetic issues are foremost for most new home buyers, but not for all vendors. Quality workmanship is often down a few notches. Getting the job completed close enough to go to closing is ranked on top. We will let the warranty department take care of the details later, is the attitude.


In our opinion, you are paying top dollars and it better be done right!

Ordering a third-party independent inspection is your due - diligence toward making sure that it is done right or at least documented just in case you are forced to close before the house is finished. Read your contract! We recommend ordering this inspection in advance and within a few weeks of your orientation and walk-thru with the builder. This gives them enough time to work on your list before closing. Don't forget, this inspection requires advance Builders approval. Get it in writing!

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