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Why order a PRE-DRYWALL / BLUE PRINT  Inspection?

Throughout the building process, many things can go wrong and that is why we at Amerihome Inspections recommend conducting a mid-construction pre-drywall inspection. This inspection is performed after the rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough HVAC, interior framing and roof shingles installed.


This allows us the opportunity to check for defects and missing items such as Hurricane straps, H-clips, Nail plates, Vents, defective plumbing and electrical wiring before they are covered up by insulation and drywall. This is an in-depth inspection which requires substantially more time than a typical home inspection.

Amerihome Inspections includes a blueprint review to ensure that the builder is following the plans and items are being installed accordingly. We are all human and things can get missed. It’s best practice to hire another set of eyes to attempt to catch missed items before being covered up with drywall or installation.

Amerihome Inspections inspectors are certified and trained in new home construction and will perform a thorough inspection to identify any deficiencies. We will take photos of any issues and will include them in a detailed report that will be uploaded to you within 24 to 48 hours of the inspection.

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