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The model home showed the home as having the garage on the right side of the house. It felt so perfect. When the house was built, it turned out to be flipped and the garage and every other room in the house was to the left. What happened?

Hopefully this will never happen to you, but it does happen. Someone discovered that the utilities were in the way, or a tree had to be removed or a dozen other reasons, but you were never told about it, so they flipped it. After all, it’s the same house . . . or is it?

It’s not. Everything is flipped which gives the walk pattern a totally different feel.

The house looks different from the outside and that future planned swimming pool is now going to be exposed to oncoming traffic.

This could be the worst day of your life. Does having the garage of the right side of the house verses the left side important and does your homebuilder give you a choice?

Most builders pre-plan for these events, but not all! Things to keep in mind. Do you want to pass your house and then turn into your driveway, or do you want to turn into your driveway and never actually fully see the front of your house?

The answer may be … It depends.

The interior layout of the rear of the house may favor having it one way or the other depending on if you might want a future swimming pool installed. Sun exposure is a consideration as well blockage from the street or neighbor’s view

Also, what about the location of the Owners’ suit and secondary bedrooms. Do you prefer the quite side of the house for your bedroom? If you are on a corner lot, this may be important.

Our suggestion is to take everything into consideration before making that final Homesite “LOT” location decision. GARAGE - RIGHT or GARAGE – LEFT? Be sure to get it in writing!

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