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Our inspectors are trained and certified by InterNACHI, the world's largest organization of Certified Home inspectors.

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A Pre-Drywall Inspection & Blue Print review gives you the confidence that construction is progressing as planned and according to the blue print, before being covered up with drywall and insulation. Pricing based on size of home.

From $375



A Pre-Closing Inspection provides you with a third party opinion that construction is complete and ready for closing. It also serves as documentation of items that still need to be taken care of prior to or shortly after closing.

From $350



An 11th month warranty inspection offers documented proof of what still needs to be corrected in your new home. prior to your one-year warranty expiration. We recommend that this inspection be ordered in the 10th or 11th month.

From $300



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** We understand that dates may change based on the builder's schedule. The requested inspection date is a place holder and tentative.

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In collaboration with one of the Best Home Inspectors, Amerihome Inspections presents a valuable resource – our free, downloadable Tips for HomeBuyer's Book. As your Local Home Inspection experts, we're committed to enhancing your real estate journey. Back by a Top Home Inspection – your trusted partner. Download now for a seamless experience.

Why do I need a third-party inspection on my new home?

It’s no surprise that your new home will be built by many sub-contractors that are not full-time employees of the builder that has their name on the sign. They are independent sub-contractors, sometimes the lowest bidder for their trade based of the volume of work being offered. Relax, they know their stuff. Right?

Did they do a professional job, miss important items or changes? It is a well-known fact that the Central Florida area has an abundance of new home communities and hundreds of homes under construction at any given time. A limited number of City or County building inspectors perform multiple inspections per day on permitted homes, leaving only a short in & out inspection window for each house. These are generally building code and safety inspections with specific items that they are assigned.

Cosmetics and damaged item inspections are left up to the builder's staff which are typically addressed just prior to closing which in some cases have already been covered up with insulation or drywall. It’s also a well-known fact that the last week before closing can be a nightmare and your closing may be delayed or you may be forced to close on your unfinished house. It happens all the time. You are probably wondering if everything will be completed prior to closing ? In most cases, the answer is yes or at least by the end of your 12-month warranty. Every builder is different and may have different warranty policies.


Amerihome Inspections will inspect the structure and every major sub-components of your home to ensure the building process was carried out to an acceptable industry standard. Our inspections usually take from 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the home for pre-closing and 11th month warranty inspections and from 3 to 5 hours for a Pre-drywall inspection depending upon the size and complexity of the home. Ordering a third-party inspection makes good sense for many reasons and documentation is on top of most buyer’s list.

Meet Your Inspector

Phil Gribbons, CMI

Thank you for visiting our site. My name is Phil Gribbons,
Certified Master Inspector and New Home Specialist. Owner and Founder of AmeriHome Advisors, LLC. dba Amerihome Inspections. My background includes a long history in Real Estate and Construction since 1975. A Licensed Residential Contractor in Central Florida for 20 years (1985 – 2005) together with Home
Inspection and property claim adjusting for over 15 years
since 2008. I am a Certified Master Inspector with over 3500 
inspections completed to date. All home inspections are conducted using the latest technology and equipment available. I use the highest standards and practices in the industry. Licensed & Insured to protect your property and your interest. My mission statement is simple....

To always strive to raise the bar of quality in my services by having a continuous improvement philosophy, and to provide services at a fair and reasonable fee.

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We Educate Our Clients

Amerihome Inspections is committed to ensuring that you know the process of purchasing a new home and how to maintain it! That is why we provide our BLOG as an information means to teach our clients; How to Purchase, Construction things that you should know, How it works, How to maintain it and articles on how to save energy.


We encourage you to continue to follow our BLOG for new articles. Choose us for the Best New Home Inspection – blending structural assessment with a well-being focus on quality and completeness. Your home more than a structure, is your haven; our Comprehensive New Home Inspection ensures it nurtures health and satisfaction.


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